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DTIF at a Glance



DTIF is a non-profit division of Etrading Software responsible for issuing and maintaining DTIs.

Source Data-illustration

Golden Source
Reference Data

DTIF enables unique identification of digital tokens based on ISO’s new standard for digital assets, ISO 24165.


Open Data

DTIF facilitates transparency in the digital asset space through the creation of a core reference data set.

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How To Register a Token


Click the Registry in the navigation menu and select Register a Token

DTIF Registry Service Desk

Enter your email address and we’ll send you a private sign-up link.

Login and Register Token

The private link will direct you to the DTIF Registry Service Desk login form.

Token Type

Select the type of token you would like to register and fill in the application form.

Registration Status

Once submitted, you will receive updates on the progress of your request by email or by checking the Request tab beside your profile.

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